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Hello Living Arts Students!

It is a great pleasure to welcome all of you to the Living Arts Community and the University of Michigan at large. We hope that you are as excited as we are about the coming year.

Today we are also thrilled to introduce the Living Arts Newsletter, a monthly update from your living-learning community to you! During the year, we hope to include information on exciting events all around Ann Arbor, with a focus on the creative and the innovative. Our student base is teeming with talent, with skill, and with creativity. We will spotlight several of these incredible students from the current community as well as from our ever-growing alumni base. We hope that you find the stories to be enlightening and fascinating.

We will be starting this newsletter with spotlights on two of our staff members and will continue with need-to-know information about move-in, welcome week, and events in the fall.

The Living Arts community is about potential - the potential for the incredible, the new, the daring, the beautiful, the innovative, the wholly captivating and completely creative. With you, the potential is at explosive levels. We are thrilled that you chose to join us for an exciting year at Living Arts.

meet the staff


Corey Smith

Corey Smith is President of the Living Arts Alumni Board as well as an office assistant for Living Arts.

Tell us about yourself!
I am the office assistant for Living Arts and a senior studying Music Composition at the music school. I'm also in charge of the Alumni group for Living Arts - I was a member of Living Arts during its first year of existence. I'm from Temperance, MI, a small town above Toledo, OH. Artistically, I'm primarily interested in expanding (vivisecting?) the medium of performance - supplementing music with visual image, dance, text, and autobiography.

When you think about the future, how do you see Living Arts students and alumni helping
to shape that future?

Creativity is the new model. It never has been more relevant and vital to our growth as human beings. As students of creativity, members and alumni of the Living Arts program are the most well equipped to move ahead and make the radical changes that will make our lives fitter, happier, more productive, more peaceful, efficient, beautiful, etc. That's a bit heavy-handed of an explanation, but it's something I do very much believe. Creativity is the future, baby, and we are riding that train all the way home!

Find the full interview here.


Carolina Fuentes

Carolina Fuentes is an RA for the 2013-2014 Living Arts community. We caught up with her in Berlin to ask a few questions:

First off-tell us about yourself!
I'm from Ypsilanti, MI (just around the corner). I am studying Psychology and German. My main creative interests are crafts and photography, and I am trying to get back into music again.

Describe your creative process.
I enjoy anything that gives aesthetic pleasure. So whenever I notice something that I think looks cool or pretty (like a sunset), I try to find ways to capture it and turn it into art. It can also be an object that I think could be turned into a work of art–today it was a disposable coffee cup. Then I usually look up online anything made with that object for inspiration and ideas, and if I find something that I think I'm able to make, I'll try it out. I eventually start deviating from the original project I find online to personalize it and make it my own.

What was the last thing you searched
for on Google?

The angel statue in Berlin (I was trying to figure out the name of it).

Find the full interview here.

What we're up to now
Carr Center Living Arts Studio Patrick


Living Arts is passionate about outreach. Sharing what we have learned is critical to the development of future generations of creative thinkers. Our students are able to engage Detroit area high school students through through our partnership with the Carr Center. This summer, members of our community traveled to Detroit to lead a workshop focused on interdisciplinary teamwork and the creative process. Moving forward, a team of interdisciplinary Living Arts students will work with the Carr Center and other venues each semester to continue sharing what they have learned through their creative studies.


The Living Arts Lounge in the basement of Bursley is getting revamped this summer! After the storage room was cleaned out (which turned out to be quite the chore), inventory was taken, and new supplies were ordered. Broken equipment is being fixed and maybe we can buy ourselves a new toy or two! In addition to the supply room, the main lounge is getting a facelift with the addition of a student gallery space. This gallery will feature visual art, poetry, and other work exclusively by Living Arts students, and will frequently cycle out throughout the year. If you're interested in displaying work, contact Corey Smith at


Patrick Flanagan is the "token human in the cyborg percussion ensemble, Jazari." Patrick uses a knowledge of computer engineering and technologies like Arduino and MIDI to control an entire robot band of percussion instruments. He also has developed a voice-processing iOS app, Vio, that is now available for FREE on iTunes for a limited time. Patrick encapsulates the idea of Living Arts by combining engineering, music, and entrepreneurship. He will lead a workshop at the All-Community Event on September 15 from 4-6pm and will perform a concert the following day at 7:30pm

welcome week

Move-In Day—Wednesday, August 28th

Living Arts will welcome you to your new home on this day, answer any questions you may have about the program, and host an ice cream social for students and their parents. Housing with help you with the move-in process. Visit for more information.

Ropes Course

UM Challenge Program– Thursday, August 29th- 12 to 5PM

A Living Arts tradition since year one, your peer mentor groups will work together to complete creative challanges! This is a great opportunity to bond with your mentor groups and learn more about each other. Visit for more information.

All Community

All-Community Event– Friday, August 30th-1 to 2:30PM

The first of many fun, enriching all-community events for the year, the whole community will gather together for a formal introduction to the program. We will also discuss the summer reading book, Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit.

Football Game

Football—Saturday, August 31st (vs. CMU)-3:30 PM Kickoff

The first football game of the season! If you have tickets, gather with your new Living Arts friends and take the bus down to the Big House for your first experience as a student. Don't forget to head to Revelli Hall early to follow the Michigan Marching Band to the Stadium!

Bonding Event

Bonding Event– Sunday, September 1st

The Living Arts summer staff is working to put together a bonding event for all Living Arts students (including alumni) to give everyone a chance to get to know each other before classes start on Tuesday! It's a secret, so we can't tell you yet, but we promise it will be a blast!

other events and important dates
  • Friday, August 30
    • College of Engineering Welcome Day, North Campus Diag, 12-3
  • Sunday, September 1
    • Rec Sports 100th Birthday Party, Palmer Field, 11-2
    • Party for Your Mind, UGLi, 4-6
    • Taste of Michigan, Palmer Field, 6-8 (Greek Life, LSA Student Government)
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