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Hello Living Arts Students!

It is a great pleasure to welcome all of you to the Living Arts Community and the University of Michigan at large. This year will be the 6th year that this community has existed, and it promises to be one of the best ones yet!

First, I would like to introduce you to the Living Arts Newsletter.  Every few months a short letter will be sent out with all the dates that you need to know for the upcoming month or so, some fun facts or spotlights, and a look back at what awesome things were done the month before.

We will be starting this newsletter with spotlights on your future Residential Advisors (RAs) and will continue with need-to-know information about move-in and your first few days with Living Arts.

The Living Arts community is about potential - the potential for the incredible, the new, the daring, the beautiful, the innovative, the wholly captivating and completely creative. With you, the potential is at explosive levels. We are thrilled that you chose to join us for an exciting year at Living Arts!


Meet Your RA's


Sarah Bedoyan

I am a pre-med Senior and I am excited for a memorable year in Living Arts to round out my time here at the University of Michigan. This is my second year with Living Arts and I am looking forward to building the best possible community and planning lots of fun, interdisciplinary events with the help of our wonderful peer mentors, Living Arts staff and my Living Arts co-RA. 


This will also be a big year for me academically as I am currently in the process of applying to medical schools and will be making some real adult-like career choices in the near future!  As a Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB) and History double major, and Chinese Language and Culture Minor, I seek a zen-like balance between right-brain and left-brain activities, which makes Living Arts the perfect community to be in.  In my spare time, I like hanging out in my Cell Biology research lab—working hard, and occasionally hardly working.  I play the piano, volunteer in the University Hospitals, binge watch TV shows, work in the Sweetland Writing Center and hoard books in the hopes that someday I’ll have the time to read them all.  Living Arts students are some of the most creative people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on campus, and I look forward to getting to know everyone this year!


Adam Licavoli 

Hello there, my name is Adam Licavoli and I am a Living Arts RA. I am an aerospace engineer, a potter, a builder, a pianist, a rocketeer, a trombonist, a triathlete, a drone enthusiast, a mammal, an Earthling, and most decidedly not a zombie. My favorite place to relax is holding my breath underwater, no sounds, no gravity, no stress (Also no air, which is always problematic). I love to retell stories from my past as well as listen to new ones. Despite popular sentiment, I do not enjoy long walks on the beach (this is one of those stories I like to tell!). I am very excited to be a member of Living Arts this year! 


*Note: Peer Mentors, International Students, Move-In Makers, etc. all move in on different days.  If you are one of these students you should have received additional information regarding move-in from those programs.  If you are not one of those students your move-in is on September 3rd.
Early move-in for other programs is fine, as long as you are moved in no later than September 3rd.


Move-In, September 3rd*

Living Arts will welcome you to your new home on this day, answer any questions you may have about the program, give you your official Living Arts T-Shirt, and host an ice cream social for students and their parents (7pm, Living Arts Lounge).  Housing will help you with the move-in process. Visit for more information.

If you move in earlier than the 3rd, make sure you stop by the living arts office or our table in the lobby on the 3rd to pick up an information folder and your T-Shirt!




Living Arts Summer Residential Lab

The first ever Living Arts Summer Residential Lab took place this summer from July 20- August 1st. The first week of the program took place at the Carr Center in Detroit, while the second week, and residential portion, took place in Bursley Hall. Topics of study included videography, painting, arduinos, music editing, and general expansion of the students' creative toolboxes.  Additionally the residential experience exposed students to life on a university campus and gave them the opportunity to explore UofM's campuses and resources as well as downtown Ann Arbor.  This first year was a great success, the projects presented at the closing ceremony were of a very high level and the attitude of collaborative teamwork that was developed was outstanding.  We look forward to next years program!