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Living Arts 2013-2014

Hello Living Arts Students!

It is a great pleasure to welcome all of you to the Living Arts Community and the University of Michigan at large. This year will be the  5th year that this community has existed, and it promises to be one of the best ones yet!

First off I would like to introduce you  to the Living Arts Newsletter.  Each month a short digest will be sent out with everything that you need to know for the upcoming month or so, some fun facts or spotlights, and a look back at what was accomplished the month before.

We will be starting this newsletter with spotlights on your future Residential Advisors (RAs) and will continue with need-to-know information about move-in, welcome week, and events in the fall.

The Living Arts community is about potential - the potential for the incredible, the new, the daring, the beautiful, the innovative, the wholly captivating and completely creative. With you, the potential is at explosive levels. We are thrilled that you chose to join us for an exciting year at Living Arts!

Meet your RA's

Paul Giessner

Major: Electrical Engineering and Organ Performance
Hometown: Saint Joseph, MI

Paul is a Junior who has been with Living Arts for the past two years as both a freshman and a Peer Mentor. This year he will be the RA for the 2nd Rotvig guys hall. 

To the community Paul says:
“I know what you're thinking: ‘What a strange combination of majors, and people still play the pipe organ?’  Well I'm here to tell you that only at the University of Michigan could such disparate majors be so natural to study and programs like Living Arts definitely help make this possible.  Oh and yes people do still play (and enjoy) the organ.  Ask me anytime and I'd love to show and play the king of instruments!  I like math and science, but I also like reading and making things.  Additionally, I enjoy building (and playing) with Legos, building (and playing) computers, and playing (and making?) video games.  If you ever have any projects involving electronics and/or music and need some help or advice feel free to talk to me!”

Sarah Bedoyan

Hometown: Grosse Pointe, Michigan
Majors: Cell and Molecular Biology and History Double Major (Chinese Language and Culture Minor)

Sarah will be the RA for the 2nd Van Hoosen girls hall, and this will be her first year with Living Arts.  

To the community Sarah says:  "I’m a pre-med Junior with a vast array of interests and hobbies, ranging from speaking Chinese, working on some Organic Chemistry problems (yes, I actually enjoyed my intro Orgo classes) to reading or playing the piano.  As you can probably tell from my crazy major and minor combo, I don’t like limiting myself to just one study!  When I am not struggling to stay on top of coursework, I like to read, bake, catch up on the 50-something TV shows I follow, or go for a run and enjoy being outdoors.  I am so pumped to be a part of the Living Arts this year and getting to know the creative and vibrant people in this community!  Come talk to me about anything and everything, be it academic help or advice, college life, or just stopping by to say hi!  My door will always be open (unless, that is, social etiquette and privacy necessitates that it be closed)."

Other Important Dates and Events

Friday, August 29th:
- New Student Convocation, 7pm, Crisler Arena
- Escapade, 8-11pm, Michigan Union
- Artscapade, 8-11pm, UMMA
Saturday, August 30th:
- Football, v. Appalachian State, TBA
- Umix Late Night, 10pm to 2am, Ingalls Mall
Monday, September 1st:
- Labor Day
- (Sep 1-5) Poster Sale, 10am to 7pm, Michigan Union Basement
Tuesday, September 2nd:
- Classes Begin
Friday, September 5th:
- Umix, 10pm to 2am, Michigan Union
Tuesday, September 9th:
- Festifall, 11am to 4pm, Central Campus Diag
Thursday September 11th:
- Go North! Fest, 11am to 3pm, North Campus Diag

Alumni Spotlight

Our first cohort of Living Arts Students have graduated and now call UofM their Alma Mater.  We caught up with some of them to see what they are up to in the “real” world.


Vicki Li: Currently a Software Engineer in a digital media publishing co. in San Francisco.

Katherine Lawhead: Currently going to grad school in San Francisco.

What advice would you give to Living Arts students still at the University, based on your experiences in the “real world”?

Vicky:  Part of the reason I got hired was because I had the ability to combine design with technical programming skills, which is something that was encouraged in Living Arts, but I didn't really work on it as much then. Turns out it's actually applicable in the real world!
Katherine: Experience as many different opportunities as you can. It's important to have variety and be a well rounded individual.

Have you done/are you doing anything cool that you would like to share with the Community?

Katherine: I Just finished up a month long theater program in Berlin related to an RC course I took this past semester and it has been an incredible experience. Now I'm traveling around Europe with some friends from the class- yesterday we were in Amsterdam, today on the island of Mallorca off the coast of Spain!

Living Arts Throwback

Last year (2013-2014) Living Arts had the pleasure of hosting its very own fashion show.  The designs were original creations, the stage was custom build, and the music was played live, all by Living Arts students.  The models and hosts (pictured) were also LA members.  This wasn't just any typical fashion show however, there was a twist.  All of the costumes had to be constructed out of recycled materials.  i.e. plastic bags, cardboard, newspaper, etc.  There was also an ongoing theme centered around the four seasons.  Designs representing each of those were presented by models on the catwalk as a full band accompanied and camera flashes lit up the scene from every angle.  The work put into this production was well worth it and the response by the audience,  which included non-living arts students from  the greater Bursley population, was tremendous.  This is just another example of the versatility of the Living Arts Lounge in the hands of our students and of the extreme creative potential of everyone involved.

Erica modeling a skirt made from newspapers.

Andrew modeling a dress made from plastic bags.