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White. The beginning. An empty desk, an empty canvas, an open space.
We have come from all corners of the globe, all walks of life, all manners of path and vision. We have gathered in search of something, something unknowable and fantastic, something sublime and absurd, something beautiful and unique.
We have strange and beautiful dreams.
We are all imbued with the same fire, the same unrelenting and unrepentant ambition that keeps us awake at night and pushes the world in motion. We, filled of inertia and optics, do not stop. We continue to dream. We cannot stop.
Although our dreams are all different, we are all consumed by the same burning, the same unseen force to create, to build, to construct from nothing, everything.
We have gathered here in these halls with the intention of changing. We will change. We will change each other. And we will change the space around us.
We are the music-makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.
Join us in our exploration of the unknown, in the curious, in the sublime, and in our exploration of
our strange and beautiful dreams.
Welcome to Living Arts.

meet the staff


Dan Rodak

Dan Rodak is an RA for the 2013-2014 Living Arts community and is a pretty swell guy.

Hi. (*tap tap tap*) Is this thing on? Is this thing (*screeeeeech*) Whoa… Uh, Thanks. Umm, hi. My name is Dan. I’m studying here at U of M, but I’m from Shelby Township, Michigan. I’m the Residential Advisor for 2nd Rotvig in Bursley, otherwise known as the men’s Living Arts hallway. I’m a veteran of the program – I graduated from the inaugural Living Arts freshman class back in 2010! I’ve been working within the program every year since, and it’s been a blast! Can’t wait for the 4th year to start!

 I’m majoring in Industrial Operations Engineering w/ a certificate of Entrepreneurship from the U of M Center for Entrepreneurship. I’ll be graduating in 2015. Entrepreneurship is, I believe, a form of creative expression that often gets overlooked by those in the creative fields; It takes taste, talent, and originality to start a successful business up (and luck among other things). I’ve started a few different ventures, some more successful than others, all of which I’d love to talk with you more about. Just ask! 

Along with the above, I am a dedicated songwriter. I’ve been writing songs on and off for the past 6 years or so. I also play guitar, ukulele, banjo, bass, and I’m learning piano, drums (all practical knowledge with regard to songwriting, no classical proficiency, although I’m trying to get there.)

Find the full interview here.


Chloe Davenport

Chloe Davenport is the Graduate Student Intern for the Living Arts community. She will be working with the peer mentors as well as recruiting new students for next years program.

First off-tell us about yourself!

My name is Chloe Davenport, and I am from Detroit, MI. I’m a first year master’s student in the Higher Education (CSHPE) Program, focusing on Academic Affairs and Student Development. Some of my creative interests include drawing and sending cards to people, writing for fun, taking photographs, and making collages, to name a few. I also love fashion, music, and various other creative endeavors.

Do you have any advice for the incoming freshmen?

First, I genuinely look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you to U of M. Something I think it’s important for you all to know is that college is a clean slate, an opportunity for all of you to learn about yourselves and figure out who you are with the mind that you are in a community which inspires and backs you to be comfortable with who you are. Don’t compare your past experiences-high school, relationships, backgrounds-to what college will be like; they are not the same. I’m glad to talk with or discuss anything you’re willing to talk about. It’s going to be a good year.

Find the full interview here.

director's message

Message from Mark Jones, Living Arts Program Director

On behalf of the Living Arts office staff, I would like to welcome our first-year students to the Living Arts program. As you can see from this newsletter, we have been hard at work crafting an exciting year full of creative exploration activities. From a new creative process course, to innovative guest artists as well as community building engagements. Each of you are sure to find something that will inspire you to move to new heights of creativity. Please feel free to stop by the office if you have any questions, we are always here to help.

what we're up to
Patrick Flanagan Gallery Diag

Patrick Flanagan

Our first all-community event is fast approaching! We will be joined by Patrick Flanagan, the “token human in the cyborg percussion ensemble, Jazari.” He controls a variety of percussion instruments through custom-built music-playing machines. See him in action here.

Patrick will join us on September 15th from 4-6pm for our all-community meeting. On the following day, he will perform a free concert at 7:30pm (open to all, invite your friends!)



Through the hard work of our office assistants over the summer, we have created our own personal gallery space in the corner of the Living Arts Studio! Meant to feature work by the Living Arts community and alumni, we are hoping to fill the space with visual art, audio, sculpture, text-based work, origami, or anything else our students can create.
Work will cycle out in approximately one month cycles. If you are interested in displaying some of your own work, please submit the form here.


Festifall/Go North!

True Michigan traditions, Festifall and the Go North! fest offer the chance to explore the numerous student organizations around campus. Find other students who share your passions - from a capella groups to Squirrel watching.

Festifall will occur on September 10th on the Central Campus Diag. Go North! Fest will occur on September 12th on the North Campus Diag. Don't miss your chance for good times, free swag, and a chance to be a part of the larger Michigan community!

other events and important dates
  • Sunday, September 1
    • Rec Sports 100th Birthday Party, Palmer Field, 11-2
    • Party for Your Mind, UGLi, 4-6
    • Living Arts Bonding Event, Living Arts Studio, 1-4pm
    • Taste of Michigan, Palmer Field, 6-8 (Greek Life, LSA Student Government)
  • Monday, Semptember 2
    • Gayz Craze, Palmer Field, 12-4pm
    • Pre-Class Bash, Palmer Field, 7-10pm
  • Friday, September 6
    • The Global Education Fair, Michigan Union, 1-5pm
    • UMix Late Night, Michigan Union, 10pm-2am
  • Saturday September 7
    • Maize Craze, Central Campus Diag, 12pm
    • Night Home Football Game vs. Notre Dame, 8pm
  • Sunday, September 8
    • Tastle of Culture, Trotter Multicultural Center, 2-6pm
  • Tuesday, September 10
    • Festifall, Central Campus Diag, 11am-4pm
  • Thursday, September 12
    • Go North! Fest, North Campus Diag, 1-5pm


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